What is digital rights management and why is it important?

Digital rights management (DRM) allows you to set copyright protection for intellectual property such as music, film, ebooks or private documents and helps prevent copying and unauthorised sharing of your own or customers content.

5 Ways to Improve Customer Communication Channels

A strong strategy for communicating with customers helps provide extra value for customers, as well as understanding how to communicate with them in ways that will have them loving a company’s products or services. The definition of customer communication has expanded in many ways, involving everything from which channels you choose to reach customers, to

Advanced Video Editing Features

Common video editing software includes tools to help you convert file formats, combine clips, re-sequence clips, trim segments (cut), rotate


The latest DRM quotes

“Sony’s recent digital rights management (DRM) fiasco highlighted the tightrope content producers employing DRM technologies are currently walking.”

Ben Macklin

“The digital rights extremists can go off and set up their own thing and leech off each other – but gradually they will be irrelevant to every day life.”

Paul Sanders

“Authors, artists and publishers now have the technological tools to better protect their digital creations but if they want consumers to pay for their digital work, they must find the right balance between copyright protection and customer expectations.”

Ben Macklin

“It’s extremely disturbing and unsettling that Sony has taken digital rights management to this level of deceit.”

Mark Russinovich
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