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Hi there! I’m Chris Martins, owner of the DRM Blog, tech and crypto enthusiast. 

about me

Digital Rights Management is a fascinating subject and one that is important to all creators and curators of content that is presented in a digital format. Without Digital Rights Management (DRM) your content could be copied, distributed without any way to stop it.

Chris Martins

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I come from a family of IT Professionals so it was inevitable that I would follow their path with a career in IT. However, there’s more to me than just digital; I’m also an accomplished photographer, speaker and soon to be author.

I’m a family man, married to Suzanne for 10 years whom is the mother to my 2 beautiful children Christopher and Beatrice. We live just outside of London in a small suburb.

I gained my qualifications with a Masters Degree in Database Security. I had always taken an interest in securing data and methods of trying to break it so it was a great fit.

From here I started work at a large Bank in London helping them develop their systems and processes. I was quickly fast-tracked through their ranks and was soon running my own team and developing a totally new system that was deployed across 140 branches throughout the UK.

After working in IT Security for a number of years after passing my Masters Degree in Database Security I realised that my passion was in teaching. My new perspective on life led to opportunities to work with inspirational people, some who changed my life. I’ve spoken on the TED stage, helped design systems that still protect people’s money to this day and educate hundreds of students.

So why Digital Rights Management? I believe it’s the cornerstone of digital content and something that will become more and more important as time goes by. I want to support creators and educate people on how they can protect their products and content.

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