Advanced Video Editing Features

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Common video editing software includes tools to help you convert file formats, combine clips, re-sequence clips, trim segments (cut), rotate or crop your footage, add audio, tweak brightness/contrast, or add transitions and special effects. YouTubers use video editing software like VEED, Adobe Premiere, and others, which allow them to add effects, filters, and transitions, crop videos, add sound, and more. HitFilm Express includes animation tools that allow for the creation and editing of sound and video transitions, with no need for creating composite shots, a massive time-saver during editing. In addition to this, HitFilm allows you to create custom video masks, set up chroma keys for greenscreen, and create powerful shots using an array of 3-D compositional features.

You can also use Adobe Premiere Pro to set green screen chroma keys, create custom video masks, and take your footage to the next level with a range of 3D compositional tools. VideoStudio Ultimate even supports creating text masks, so you can easily layer dynamic titles onto video without having to hop to another app. With Lightworks, you can easily create any kind of professional videos or movies, complete with various visual and audio effects, including filters, transitions, overlays, customizable captions, and elements, among others. It handles video capture and advanced editing tasks easily, and its timeline gives you a great level of control over how you cut and blend together audio and video clips.

It offers a wide range of video editing features, including HDR support, royalty-free stock videos, graphics, audio, captioning tools, auto-reframe tools, and more to help you create cinematic-quality videos. VideoPad does not offer as many advanced features as some of the other free video editing software on this list, but with options for adding lighting effects, color adjustment, and overlaying text and images, there is enough here to make it worth a free download. It offers basic, yet necessary, video editing features, which is ideal for beginning YouTube creators looking for a simple-to-use tool that does not offer complicated editing features.

While you may want to use Premiere Elements if youare just starting out and looking to build up your skills, Premiere Elements isnat a tool that offers any advanced level of video editing options. It probably goes without saying that, although free video editing software is quite useable, not even the best advocates really can compare with premium video editors. While the best YouTubers are usually using programs such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, there are plenty of people who upload videos on YouTube that do not use industry-standard editing programs, and it is therefore important to include these more budget-friendly options, too. Mac users are not blessed with the vast amount of software choices available to PCs, but Apple fans who are interested in video editing are well-served, with four products in particular.

Generally, the Apple(r) computers are preferred by beginners, but PCs are generally preferred by editors with moderate to above-average editing experience, thanks in part to a wide choice of video editing software available on Windows, which has sophisticated yet user-friendly features. Pro editors will be pleased to find an array of pro features, such as video masking, clip nesting, LUT presets, and batch processing. Nearly every video editing software out there can spit out videos that satisfy the technical requirements set by Youtube, but achieving a successful piece of content goes beyond technicalities, relying on factors such as ease-of-use, speed, and compatibility with other programs. PowerDirectors includes pro tools that will not break the bank, but will transform your videos into works of art that are on par with Hollywood.

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