Sick of Your Internet Speed? Fix It Now With These Easy Tips!

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Our lives are so intertwined and dependent on connectivity that a simple internet blackout is all it takes to make the world come to a halt. Getting stuck with a snail-speed connection when you have so much to do is like adding a fuel to the fire. The frustration and panic one feels in this kind of situation is crazy. And unfortunately, almost everyone has felt the hopelessness that comes with a slow internet connection.

The everyday dynamic has transformed dramatically within a span of just a few months. Remote working, online classes, and business operations are now being carried out from the comfort of our own homes, so productivity takes a huge blow when one is stuck with a slow internet connection. And the worst part is spending your hard-earned money on an internet service that hardly lives up to the promises it once made. You’re basically paying for slow speed, poor network performance, and frequent connection drops.

While as frustrating as it can get, we suggest you take a breather and learn how to fix the problem, once and for all. After all, who likes being slammed with a huge internet bill and snail-speed internet? We’re here to help you optimize your internet speed with some tried and tested tips! But before we get to that, let’s identify the reasons why your internet speed may be dying.

  • The Ethernet cables are damaged.
  • The router is defective and outdated
  • The software, firmware, or drivers are outdated
  • Your device is infected with viruses
  • Your router or device is placed incorrectly
  • The Wi-Fi network is overloaded and busy

Now that you know the possible reasons for your internet connection slowing down, let’s see how you can fix the problems instantly.

  • Change the Position of the Router

The positioning and placement of the router in your house matter the most. When the router is incorrectly positioned or placed in a location where the signals are being obstructed, your internet connection will inevitably deliver little to no performance. Your devices will fail to receive strong Wi-Fi signals and therefore face poor internet speed. You can either move closer to the router for the devices to receive a strong internet connection or make sure the router is placed in a central location where it can transmit the signals equally from.  

Also make sure no electrical appliances, concrete walls, or obstacles come in the router’s way to deflect or weaken the radio signals. Changing the position of the router will maximize signal strength and optimize internet speed instantly.

  • Change Your Router

Outdated routers and defective modems instantly slow down the internet and cause frequent connection drops. And most of the time, the ISP is to be blamed in this situation. For this reason, always get your router checked and approved by your local ISP before you purchase it. Once the approval comes through, you’ll be reassured about the router’s compatibility with the internet service you’re using.

If you still face issues, maybe try switching to another internet service provider. Spectrum is a trusted internet service provider in the US that brings affordable and fast internet to you. Reach out to Spectrum customer service or Servicio al cliente de Spectrum and learn about available internet deals in your area!

  • Get Rid of Viruses

Viruses suck out whatever life is left in your router. If your laptops, PCs, phones, or gaming consoles are infected with viruses, your internet connection will suffer the most. These viruses suck out the speed and interfere with almost every online activity by slowing down the internet speed drastically. Conduct a quick scan on your devices with reliable and trusted Antivirus software to ensure there’s no danger lingering around waiting to suck out your internet resources.

  • Reset Your Router

Although it’s the oldest trick in the book, it still works like a charm (well, 90% of the time). Sometimes, it only takes a simple router reset to fix everything. A simple router unplugs will instantly speed up the connection and deliver an optimized network performance across all connected devices.  It refreshes the router memory and gets rids of any underlying bugs to ensure quality network performance.

  • Connect Limited Number of Devices to the Network

A large number of devices connected to the network can severely deter its performance. Limit the number of devices connected to the network or make sure the users connected aren’t power streaming simultaneously. Internet usage and the number of devices connected ultimately determine the performance of your network.

  • Update the Firmware

Always ensure that your devices, drivers, and firmware is up to date. Always keep a lookout for new firmware updates to ensure a seamless networking experience! Check out the router’s website to learn about new updates.

Final Takeaway

These tricks and tips will help you instantly boost your internet speed and make sure you enjoy a quality online experience. After all, what are you paying so much money for?

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