The Importance of Thermal Altitude Testing

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In order to safely send aircraft and space vehicles into the air, rigorous evaluations and testing must be carried out to ensure the components and systems onboard are able to withstand the extreme environmental conditions faced at high altitudes. One such evaluation is thermal altitude testing, which is essential for assessing flight hardware.

The main goal of thermal altitude testing is to prevent critical component failure, which could result in catastrophic consequences. By demonstrating the ability to perform reliably under any atmospheric or environmental condition, this testing also assures purchasers of the superior quality of the product. Furthermore, thermal altitude testing helps verify that the equipment meets the high aerospace requirements set by industry experts and regulating bodies, such as RTCA-DO-160 and MIL-STD-202, which certify that the equipment can endure certain conditions it might face.

For further information on the significance of thermal altitude testing, please see the accompanying resource.

  The Importance of Thermal Altitude Testing from Marotta Controls, a Control Actuation Systems Company

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